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Corporate Investigations

Internal Investigations:


SRG works with clients from the initial detection of suspicious activity right through to resolution, whether it be litigation or referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency. We work to determine what occurred, who was responsible, and to plan and implement an asset recovery or loss mitigation strategy. This will include, where necessary, preparing reports for regulatory authorities, law enforcement and civil litigation. We provide clients with the independent analysis they require; free from audit-related conflicts of interest.


External Investigations:


The globalization of business has helped facilitate the movement of assets. Funds can be transferred around the world instantaneously, and the ever-expanding world of offshore finance means that it can be relatively easy to set up complex corporate structures to hide the true ownership of assets.


Complex asset searches can be utilized to identify assets and facilitate clients in seeking to enforce legal judgments, awarding financial damages or seeking the return of funds misappropriated by corrupt employees.  Our extensive experience includes multi-jurisdictional investigations involving complex investment group structures and nominee and alter ego companies.


We help our clients identify:

  • Real and intangible properties

  • Financial accounts

  • Business associations

  • Accounts receivable

  • Personal property — jets, yachts, luxury cars, fine art


With over 50 years of combined Federal investigative experience, SRG personnel have the prerequisite skills to guide your company though these difficult issues. 

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