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With over seventy years of combined Federal law enforcement and private investigative experience,  the experts at Specialty Resources Group (SRG) conduct due diligence investigations of potential acquisitions, joint venture partners, investors and investments. Clients rely on SRG to investigate bona fides, business reputation, background and track record of companies and their management in which an investment or business deal is contemplated. Clients also regularly retain SRG to verify and confirm the accuracy of counterparties’ representations as to operational risks, assets and capabilities. In addition to meticulous analysis of online computer databases and public records research, SRG has confidential resources and conducts interviews with individuals likely to be knowledgeable about the subjects of our due diligence research. SRG's investigators have taught interviewing and elicitation techniques and bring these skills to your side of the table to obtain crucial information, even from individuals that are often reluctant to speak. Investment professionals are trained to assess financial risks; our professional investigators not only understand the assessment of financial risks, but are experts in investigating and assessing non-financial risks. Objectivity is crucial to due diligence inquiries.  In order to remove any potential bias from the equation, an outside investigative firm such as SRG should be retained.  SRG's investigators will conduct your due diligence investigation without being affected by the prospect of gain from the transaction being considered.

SRG specializes in the following types of investigations:


To learn more about SRG's capabilities and how we can assist you, contact us at or (214) 432-5806 for a free consultation.

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