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Investigative Due Diligence

The risks inherent in today’s financial transactions – including mergers and acquisitions, as well as public offerings, joint ventures, private equity, venture capital, and other investments – are greater than ever.


While these kinds of deals often involve major commitments of capital and other resources, they may be based on expected synergies and anticipated profits – and not on verified business relationships, management experience or financial data. Specialty Resources Group (SRG) leverages the most comprehensive set of databases, deepest analysis of public records, and access to an elite network of domestic and international experts to enhance the success of a deal by uncovering potential vulnerabilities.

For many years, SRG has assisted private equity groups, corporations and their legal counsel to conduct in-depth, insightful investigations into prospective transactions to minimize risk and help ensure success.


SRG provides comprehensive background information and intelligence including: personal and business reputations; financial and operating histories; verification of key non-financial representations; records of litigation and disputes; environmental liabilities and other actual or undisclosed problems. We examine misrepresentations or non-disclosure of material facts; financial management and system problems; unrealistic projections or overstated assets; unrecorded or understated liabilities; significant managerial or business issues; and independent business valuations. The end result is a detailed profile of any issue of concern enabling the client to manage the identified risk by restructuring or repricing the deal, or even exiting from the proposed transaction.

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