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Internal and External Fraud Investigations


When a company is faced with an internal fraud investigation, it has several options concerning which direction to take the investigation. When regulatory agencies and reporting requirements are at hand the choices are more limited, but in instances where there are no outside reporting pressures, at what point the company calls for reinforcements is clearly a decision that needs to be made. During an internal fraud investigation, circumstances will dictate the effort needed to determine the extent of the fraud. Every situation is different, but two important considerations face every company during this process:


  • When to consider hiring an outside investigative firm.

  • When, or if, the company should report the fraud to law enforcement

On discovering an irregularity, an organization is often unprepared to respond and react appropriately. This can result in major financial damage, as well as posing serious reputational and regulatory risks to the business. Despite these threats, many organizations fail to take adequate steps to prevent, identify, respond to and recover from such incidents.

SRG provides our clients with expert advice and support at every stage of the process, leading from investigation to recovery, training and prevention.


Our team possesses the necessary skills in intelligence gathering, law enforcement, accountancy, data analytics and cyber investigation expertise. We can draw evidence from all possible internal or external sources, whether electronic, paper or human.  Reviewing very large volumes of data to find the facts that matter is what we do every day.


Because of our specific expertise in regulatory issues, we are able to engage quickly and are perceived by regulators and authorities as truly independent and objective.

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